Capital Planning

Task Tracking Tools for Improved Capital Project Planning

Providing improved process efficiency, comprehensive reporting, and complete access to critical information. 

Overview of table with a number of people's hands holding pencils reviewing the information on paper with graphs covering the table top and a laptop in the background
Close up of KPI and Metrics of Financials printed out, with magnifying glass laying on top and a calculator off to the side

Complete projects on time and under budget by leveraging simple but powerful project management tools. We provide you with our industry-leading templates and tracking mechanisms to streamline your processes by:

  • Allowing users to define templates and effortlessly create a structured, repeatable approach to managing all projects, regardless of size or budget

  • Manage tasks by department and track to critical milestones

  • Track contracts, change orders, and supplemental requests with user-friendly reports and e-mail reminders; including the ability to create user-defined reports or access an extensive library of existing reports that are fully customizable

  • Manage against approved budgets through PO and invoice roll-ups to help identify areas of expense leakage and resource inefficiency

  • Report on cost avoidance and savings, project team workload, and total turnaround time

  • Manage large portfolios with ease using client-facing mass update tools for projects and task management


  • Capital Projects

  • Task Management

  • PO and Invoice Management

  • Financial Systems Integration

  • Reporting and Impact Analysis